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Intro Post

Hi, I'm Shadow or Rufus, and if you need to leave me a message, you may do so here. Anon is on but screened.

This journal is for record-keeping. I'm keeping sprites that I wish to use here, as well as uploading graphics that I want to use on other places. There are also some info posts to be linked from other websites; and of course, the fanfiction. If you watch this journal, never fear that I will spam you. My rants are friends-only, and if you're interested in that ... cool. Send me a request. I'm always open.

I mostly write fics that I read, ofc. If you know of a good fic you think I might like, feel free to drop me a line. Or maybe you just need a place to rant. You don't know me, and this is crazy, but whether you're feeling down or up, PM me, maybe? I'm always eager to listen and talk.

If you have a prompt you want me to write, that's great too! Just leave it here and I'll think about it. Be warned that I'm a big shipper, and I write mostly oneshots between 3k to 10k words.

You can find me on Tumblr and ff.net and ao3.
dr. sexy

Matching Balls: Kanto

This is a list of shiny Pokemon and their matching Pokeballs for my personal reference. For this list, I use only the final evolution, and it only includes breedables. Yes, I know about viable NFE Pokemon and about RNGing, DexNaving, and Friend Safari captures. I'll probably do those later.

I take 'Hidden Ability' to mean 'Dream Ball and/or Gen VI Pokeballs'. I know some of them don't have Hidden Abilities, man.

Some things about the way I decide on suitable Pokeballs:

  • The theme of the Pokemon has priority over the colour scheme.

  • I prefer matches that are not always used. For example, I prefer Love Gastly over Moon Gastly because the latter is done almost all the time.

  • I take into account the animation of the Pokeball as well. For example, I prefer Repeat Ball for Venusaur because the dots flying out of the Pokeball suit the spots on Venusaur's body.

  • For Pokemon with dark, dusky, or concentrated colours, I prefer lighter Pokeballs such as Premier and Love Ball for an easy-on-the-eyes contrast.

  • For Pokemon with small markings that are of a different, contrasting colour to the rest of its body, I prefer to highlight those markings with my ball choice. For example, I like Moon Ball for Mega Pidgeot, for the blue tips of its wings.

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List of legal breedable Pokeball combinations: General info, Kanto, Johto

So idk about you guys, but I frequently use Smogon's hack-checking thread to check for legal Pokeball combinations. The problem is, it's a bit messy. The Pokemon are listed any old how (for example, it doesn't list baby Pokemon but their evolution instead) which can get a bit confusing. I thought about it for a bit and decided that the neatest way to sort them would be simple: tables! With images and text, for easy browsing!

Yes, I do have better things to do. Amazingly, organising things needlessly is how I destress.

I've sorted them according to the lowest pre-evolution, so instead of looking for Chansey under Kanto, look for Happiny under Sinnoh.

General info

  • Standard set of Pokeballs available from Gen V to Gen VI:

  • All Pokemon that can be caught in Dream Balls can also be caught in the standard set of Pokeballs available in Gen V.

  • Hidden Ability is not compatible with Safari Ball, Apricorn Balls, or Sport Balls

  • Some Pokemon catchable in Dream Balls did not have their Hidden Ability released at the time so they cannot legally be in a Dream Ball and have their Hidden Ability; this is noted under the respective Pokemon.

  • Nidoran♀ and Illumise allow for Nidoran♂ and Volbeat respectively for the Pokeballs they are available in.

  • Master and Cherish Balls cannot pass down during breeding.

  • Male Pokemon and Ditto do not pass down their Pokeball when breeding, so they can only be in standard Pokeballs.

  • More info on respective generations' Pokeballs etc. are available under each generations' entry.

  • Any breedable Pokemon that can be caught in a horde, Friend Safari in XY or DexNav'd in ORAS, can be caught in any of the standard set of Pokeballs and have their Hidden Ability.

  • All Kalos Pokemon can be caught in the standard set of Pokeballs except Amaura and Tyrunt.

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